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"Those who give up liberty for the sake of security deserve neither liberty nor security." - Ben Franklin
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"When people feel uncertain, they'd rather have somebody who's strong and wrong than somebody who's weak and right." - Bill Clinton
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Signs being installed in Libraries in Santa Cruz Ca inform the reader that the USA Patriot Act "prohibits library workers from informing you if federal agents have obtained records about you." ...more...
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" When I gave food to the poor, they called me a saint. When I asked why the poor were hungry, they called me a communist." - Dom Helda Camara, Brazilian Bishop
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April 14: America in Babylon

america in babylon

The Iraq regime has fallen; and rather quickly. Some of the world's fears have been allayed; others now come into sharper focus. We'll have more on these shortly; in the meantime below are some good backgrounders posted before the onset of the invasion.
 A note: the pictures above and below are from the "slide shows" at
iraq mom and daughter

- J.M.Marshall's excellent depth analysis of the hawks' grand strategy, "Practice to Deceive"(Washington Monthly)

And this excellent piece, from the editor of Business Week, on the accumulating impacts of the Bush foreign policy.

And this, From The South Asian Analysis Group, on: "Iraq: The Make-Believe and the Real War"

- Iraq Map

The U.S. Needs to Open Up to the World- Brian Eno

To this European, America is trapped in a fortress of arrogance and ignorance

"... 'You're either with us or against us' is the kind of cant you'd expect from a zealous mullah, not an American President. When Europeans make such criticisms, Americans assume we're envious. "They want what we've got," the thinking goes, "and if they can't get it, they're going to stop us from having it."

"But does everyone want what America has? Well, we like some of it but could do without the rest: among the highest rates of violent crime, economic inequality, functional illiteracy, incarceration and drug use in the developed world. President Bush recently declared that the U.S. was "the single surviving model of human progress." Maybe some Americans think this self-evident, but the rest of us see it as a clumsy arrogance born of ignorance."
(Read Eno's complete letter ...)
.   .   .

"My American friends, you know I love your country, how have we come to this?..." - "Bin Laden's Victory" by Richard Dawkins... (more...)
.   .   .

March 2003:

U.S. Diplomat's Letter of Resignation

The following is from John Brady Kiesling's letter of resignation to Secretary of State Colin L. Powell.

"... I am resigning because I have tried and failed to reconcile my conscience with my ability to represent the current U.S. Administration. I have confidence that our democratic process is ultimately self-correcting, and hope that in a small way I can contribute from outside to shaping policies that better serve the security and prosperity of the American people and the world we share..." (Read the complete letter...)
3/11: A second US diplomat resigns...more-
3/20: Third diplomat resigns.. more...
.   .   .

Floor of The Senate:

Sen. Robert Byrd: Arrogance of Power

"Today I weep for my country.I have watched the events of recent months with a heavy, heavy heart. No more is the image of America one of strong, yet benevolent peacekeeper. The image of America has changed. Around the globe, our friends mistrust us, our word is disputed, our intentions are questioned.
"Instead of reasoning with those with whom we disagree, we demand obedience or threaten recrimination. Instead of isolating Saddam Hussein, we seem to have isolated ourselves. We proclaim a new doctrine of preemption which is understood by few and feared by many. We say that the United States has the right to turn its firepower on any corner of the globe which might be suspect in the war on terrorism. We assert that right without the sanction of any international body. As a result, the world has become a much more dangerous place. ...."

(Read the full March 19 speech )
(Byrd's Feb 12 Senate Speech)
.   .   .

Oderint Dum Metuant: Let Them Hate, as Long as They Fear..
" This phrase, now quoted regularly among the most militant denizens in the White House, means, "Let them hate us so long as they fear us." It was penned by Lucius Accius, the Roman poet (170 B.C.), and was said to be a favorite phrase of the emperor Caligula." Paul Krugman ...More...
.   .   .

"Our worry is the new emerging fundamentalism in the United States and in the West. Fundamentalism in our region is on the wane. There, it's in the ascendancy. That's the threat." -Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal, Feb 2003

.   .   .

"There is only one reason that I am in the Oval Office and not in a bar. I found faith. I found God." -George W. Bush

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A 20 pound carp about to be slaughtered at the New Square Fish Market in New York "suddenly began shouting apocalyptic warnings in Hebrew" including "Tzaruch shemirah" and "Hasof bah", meaning essentially, 'account for yourself, the end is near'...More...)

.   .   .  

The universe may be finite and doughnut shaped... Read NYT report
.   .   .  

"Shut up you monkey, you minion, you American agent!"
"A curse be upon your moustache, you traitor!"
- A heated exchange between Iraqi and Kuwaiti delegates at the recent Arab Summit. More...

.   .   .  

"Our people are saying that if Iraq is attacked, then we will fight for Iraq. Before saying such things, we should see whether such commitments are in the interests of Pakistan... We should think over how we can protect ourselves from the possible effects of US policies. .....Our nuclear capability has become a matter of concern for many countries and we should try to protect our nuclear assets. ...we should not provide an opportunity to others to destroy our nuclear capability." - Gen. Pervez Musharraf Jan 2003 ...more...

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Flashback: Jan 18, 2001: "George W. Bush assured the nation in a televised address Tuesday that 'our long national nightmare of peace and prosperity is finally over.'" (Onion 1/18/2001... more...)

.   .   .  
"The National Imagery and Mapping Agency deemed NASA's request less important than its tasks related to a potential war in Iraq, and did not try to take a picture of the shuttle's damaged skin before the Columbia's disastrous reentry on Feb. 1." (Wash.Post 3/14/2003... more...)
.   .   .
3/12/03: Delta Airlines set to use passengers' credit reports for security assessment ... (more...)
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"Europeans still enjoy free health care for all, cradle to grave; free education through university level; comparatively generous retirement for their elderly; an average of five weeks paid annual vacation, more sick leave, parental leave, and a shorter work week with comparable wages for their workers (French workers, with their 35-hour work week, work nearly a full day less per week than American workers, who now work on average 42 hours per week). Social spending in Europe runs some 50 percent above that in the United States. Environmental, food safety and labor laws are the envy of activists in the U.S. "  more

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