May 2005
oliver the chimp

Oliver oliver walking
Our special guest this issue is Oliver, a chimpanzee who walks exclusively upright. He's capable of communicating quite well, but prefers lounging on the couch, watching TV, smoking cigars and drinking coffee.
Is Oliver a case of an individual evolutionary jump? His DNA has been confirmed 100% chimpanzee. And yet, he seems more human than chimp. Mystery.
The striking portrait of Oliver above seemed appropriate for the Phillip K. Dick quote used on the front cover this month of Dvmx.com.
Granada Bristol has done a 48 minute film on Oliver, recently shown at BANFF. You may contact the authors here for info re the film.
Read more about this strange character at Wikipedia

Oliver is genetically, puzzlingly, a Chimpanzee, not a Benobo. Here is a wonderful brief presentation of the Benobo.

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